Mr. Vito Rago (President/CEO):
Mr. Rago has over twenty five years of Telecom industry experience. He spent the first 13
years of his career working in the Bell System and in particular at Bell Laboratories,
Western Electric and Telcordia.  While at Telcordia he was a member of the architecture
and development team of the Bell System Intelligent Network Solution (SCP/ISCP Team) a
solution still widely deployed across the US and around the world. For his work on this
project Mr. Rago was awarded two US software patents.

In 1990 Mr. Rago was tapped by the IT organization of Telecom Italia (Telesoft SpA) to
start-up a company  (Telesoft America) charged with scouting the US market for innovative
software solutions to be introduced in the Telecom Italia Group. During his ten years at the
helm of this company, he  forged alliances with many of the key US players in the Telecom
industry as well as with many start-up companies working on niche and innovative

Since 2000, Mr. Rago and his partners have  formed the eWay group, a company with the
mission of facilitating the exchange of Telecom solutions and technologies between the
US, Europe and the world.

Mr. Rago holds a BA in Economics from Brooklyn College and an MS in Computer Science
from the Stevens Institute of Technology.
...leading the way to the future