Alfonso Graziani (Vice-Chairman and Executive Vice-President):
Mr. Graziani, who is based in Rome (Italy), has spent many years in the Telecom industry
holding many executive management positions in the Telecom Italia Group. Over the years
he has held key positions ranging from Executive Vice-President of the Telecom Italia
Group Strategies and Information Systems to Managing Director of Telesoft SpA, the
Telecom Italia System Integration company, now Telecom Italia IT. Among the many
accomplishments at the Telecom Italia Group, Mr. Graziani is the founder of the mobile
business in Italy, which then became Telecom Italia Mobile, the largest mobile operator in
the country.

Since leaving the Telecom Italia Group, Mr. Graziani has been involved in several strategic
business management consulting activities with some of the leading European System
Integrators: Bull, Sema, AtosOrigin, etc. and  many technology holders.

Mr. Graziani is also the founder of several start-up initiatives in the Telecom  and other
market sectors: InfoCall, MaxFon, Placet.

Mr. Graziani holds an Electrical Engineering Degree from the University of Rome, Italy.
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